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DermaSolution Facials
DermaPrint Skin Analysis                                                                 50.00 
(FREE with Facial or $100.00 of products)
Deep Tissue Cleansing                                                                        82.00
(tissue and follicular congestion)
Tissue Healing                                                                                      82.00
(irritation, sunburn, windburn, chemical burn,
inflamed lesions and/or chronic sensitivities)
Deep Pore Cleansing                                                                            82.00
(follicular congestion such as blackheads and
whiteheads, pustules and milia)
Capillary Calm                                                                                     82.00
(capillary distention, extreme cuperose and blotchiness)
Moisture Boost                                                                                     82.00 - 100.00
(dehydration, rough texture, follicular congestion,
sensitized conditions, fine lines and wrinkles)
Tissue Toning                                                                                        82.00
(dehydration, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles)
Tissue Renewal                                                                                    100.00
(capillary distention, dehydration, rough texture, fine
lines and wrinkles)
Multi "C" Antioxidant Boost                                                            82.00 - 100.00
(fights the harmful effects of free radicals)
Intensive Hydrating                                                                            82.00 - 100.00
(good for dehydration from post microdermabrasion
laser or chemical peels)
Rainforest Banana Peel                                                                      100.00
(banana with 23% multi-fruit acids that exfoliate, soften
follicular impactions and refine the texture of the skin)
Rainforest Illumination Peel                                                             100.00
(combines lactic acid with papaya, licorice and bearberry
to reduce hyperpigmentation while hydrationg the skin)
Gentle Cellular Sweep                                                                        100.00
(follicular congestion, dehydration, rough texture fine
lines and wrinkles)