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Advanced Facial Services

Skin Analysis 

30-45 Minutes

Required at first  appointment**

includes in-depth consultation, skin analysis, service and product recommendation.

Advanced Treatment Facial

75 Minutes

Previously know as "Rainforest Peel- Facial"

In this facial you will get to have your cake and eat it too. Whether you have concerns with aging or texture, this peel-facial/ combo is a great option. The esthetician will determine what chemical peel would best suite the needs of the skin and pick accordingly.

  • Includes cleansing, a brightening enzyme exfoliating mask, personalized chemical peel, use of skin scrubber, extractions, hi frequency, shoulder and face massage, custom serums, treatment mask and moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Anti-Aging Facial

80 Minutes

If you have concerns with fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and /or dullness, this is the facial for you. This service includes powerful ingredients plus the effective use of red LED light therapy.

  • This relaxing facial consists of a thorough cleanse, toning, an exfoliating enzyme mask while steaming, then we use a skin scrubber device to remove impurities from pores, followed by extractions , then we do a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage, then we do red LED light therapy. This technology originally created by NASA, is a non-invasive way to create energy in the cells that results in improved fine lines and wrinkle, reduction in hyperpigmentation and overall brighter healthier skin. Afterwards we follow it up with a customized series of ant-aging serums and an anti-aging hydrating cocoa mask. Lastly we will apply hydrating gel, moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Ultimate Age-Defying Facial Treatment

95 Minutes

If you are looking for the most effective treatment for aging, look no further. In this treatment we combine the powerfully effective use of collagen induction therapy with red light LED light therapy. These are two of the most effective non-invasive methods for treatment of fine lines and wrinkle, hyperpigmentation and firmness.

  • We start by cleansing, toning, using an exfoliating enzyme mask, then collagen induction therapy . We use a highly concentrated peptide serum immediately after the needling for maximum penetration. We follow that with a aqua peptide collagen jelly mask and red LED light therapy. 

Ultimate Firming Facial

75 Minutes

Formally known as “facial contouring massage” (FCM+ Circadia firming mask) 

  • If you have considered a face lift before, consider this facial before going under the knife! This facial uses the technology of microcurrent along with the powerful Circadia peptide firming mask to give you instant and long term firming results! 

  • We start by cleansing the skin, using an exfoliating papaya mask, then we perform the microcurrent treatment with the esthetician’s hands as conductor. This is not only a very effective way of delivering microcurrent but extremely relaxing. After that we will use the Circadia firming peptide mask. This mask is a tightening mask that delivers peptides deep into the skin while simultaneously creating micro-circulation in the skin to result in blood flow, oxygen to the cells and a higher cell turnover rate. We will end the service with moisturizer and sunscreen. You will leave this service with a rosy glow and a firmer smoother appearance 

Customized Facial *Jessica's pick

60 Minutes

Previously known as “Only Yourx customized facial” 

  • If you have any concerns with your skin, whether it be breakouts, textured skin, dehydration, clogged pores, dullness, rosacea prevention of aging etc this is the facial for you.  In this traditional style facial, we customize the serums, masks and moisturizers to your specific skin type and concerns. 

  • The facial Includes cleansing, toning, a enzyme exfoliating mask picked based on your skins needs, personalized, use of skin scrubber, extractions(if needed), hi frequency, shoulder and face massage, custom serums, custom treatment mask and moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Fresh & Firm Facial

75 Minutes
  • Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants and botanicals. Infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm luminous glow.

  • This facial includes cleansing, toning, a cocoa enzyme exfoliating mask, peptide and oxygen serums, a peptide firming mask and moisturizer, eye cream, lip  balm and sunscreen.

Relaxation Facial

50 Minutes
  • Want a time to rest and relax while improving your skin at the same time? This is the facial for you. 

  • This facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steam, hand, arm, neck, shoulder and face massage, along with a hydrating mask and moisturizer and sunscreen

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